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SEAC exists to collectively identify and prioritize industry issues, and to form task groups that participate in collaborating, knowledge sharing, and developing solutions that support the transition to zero net energy communities. 

We have grown from a 21-member group to a collective stakeholder group of 3,600. 

Our members meet monthly and our task groups meet every week. At present, we facilitate five task groups that meet on an average of three times a week.  

All of our work drives and adds value to the investment of sustainable energy and aligns perfectly with the state of California’s environmental goals and its progress toward a cleaner energy future.


For those who want to support SEAC's continued success and growth so that we may continue to drive positive change in an ever-evolving and growing industry, thank you! Your support goes a long way.

SEAC is administered by Optibiz LLC, who oversee and manage SEAC costs and activities. Donations go to Optibiz to help defray the costs and services of running the SEAC Group.

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