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Steve Jones
Assistant Building Official 
City of Oceanside

R. Steven Jones is an Assistant Building Official for the City of Oceanside.  Steve is an ICC Certified Building Official, Electrical Code Official and also holds 16 other ICC certifications.  Steve has been a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors since 2000 and is IAEI’s 2016 International President.

"I am proud to be a member of the Sustainable Energy Action Committee actively working with industry stakeholders and AHJ’s to promote safe solar photovoltaic installations and regional consistency."

Jeff Spies
President - Planet Plan Sets

Jeff Spies is the president of Planet Plan Sets, a provider of residential permitting plan sets, and chairs the Codes/Standards committee for the California Solar and Storage Association (formerly CALSEIA). He also serves as Secretary for NABCEP (the solar industry certification agency) and sits on the Standards Technical Panel for UL 2703 where he led the Bonding and Grounding taskgroup for six years.

"SEAC is providing a valuable service to the solar industry by bringing together solar manufacturers and installers with building officials and test labs to better understand codes/standards and improve permitting processes to facilitate the growing deployment of solar installations throughout southern California and beyond. It is a model for other states and regions throughout the US."

John Taecker
Sr. Regulatory Engineer
Underwriters Laboratories
Mark Baldassari
Director, Codes and Standards
Enphase Energy

Mr. Baldassari has over 30 years’ experience in engineering and product development and over 9 years with Enphase Energy, where he holds the position of Director, Codes and Standards. Currently, he actively participates in a number of Codes and Standards development groups both internationally and domestically. Domestically, Mr. Baldassari regularly participates in IEEE 1547 series of standards development with emphasis towards improving the grid integration of PV systems. He is involved with Underwriters Laboratory working on the harmonization of UL and IEC standards and a member of the UL 1699B and UL 2703 Standards Technical Panel (STP). Mr. Baldassari is an active member of the SEIA Codes and Standards, CALSEIA Codes and Standards, and Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC). He is very involved with the drafting of the 2014 and 2017 NEC for articles 690 and 705 having been chairman of the Arc-Fault task group and active participant in the drafting sections on Disconnecting Means, Grounding, and Rapid Shutdown. Mr. Baldassari is also an active member of NFPA, IAEI and ICC.

“I’m proud to be a member of SEAC, a committee I believe is providing a vital service to the sustainable energy industry. Through the committee’s collaboration with representatives from all sectors of the industry, SEAC actively strives to make installation processes safer and more consistent.”

Gilbert Aceves
Technical Specialist Scientist
Southern California Edison

Gilbert W. Aceves has been in the Utility industry for 24 years and currently works for Southern California Edison as a Technical Specialist Scientist. Gilbert is currently the EUSERC Chairman and serves on several boards and committees such as SEAC, IAEI, and Dig-Alert.

"SEAC is a great committee where solar industry professionals can meet and collaborate regarding all aspects of the photovoltaic world."

Kevin Reinertson
Deputy Fire Marshal, Office of the Fire Marshal
CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department

Kevin Reinertson is the Deputy Fire Marshal at the Riverside County Fire Department in charge of Special Projects, where he assists in the development, improvement, delivery, and management of the Office of the Fire Marshal. Prior to coming to Riverside County, Kevin worked at the California State Fire Marshal’s Office as Division Chief of Code Development and Analysis Division overseeing the adoption of the initial I-Codes in 2006 and subsequent years up to the adoption of the 2016 California Fire and Building Codes.  Kevin Reinertson has been actively involved in code development, fire prevention, and code enforcement for 25 years.  Kevin has served as the State Fire Marshal’s representative on the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research Solar Permitting Guidebook Team, the California Building Standards Commissions Code Coordinating Council, the California Building Officials/California Fire Chiefs Building Fire Advisory Committee, and involved with many other local, state, and national committees and initiatives relating to fire prevention.

"SEAC is a perfect example of how enforcing officials, industry, and other stakeholders can come together with different perspectives, agendas, or goals and produce a product that all can use and benefit from." 

Craig Carni

Craig Carni founded Two Seas Metalworks in 1980, a company devoted to the construction of offshore oil platforms in diverse geographic locations.  In 1995, Carni ‘switched teams’ from the oil and gas industry to solar and began the manufacturing and sales of solar mounting structures.  In 2008, Two Seas Metalworks became IronRidge, and has continued to enjoy a prominent position in the solar mounting.

“In the twenty years that I have been in the solar industry I have never seen the level of collaboration, cooperation and most importantly unfiltered communication between industry stakeholders as we have in SEAC.  Having the ability to communicate with professionals from all areas within the industry is unprecedented and I believe the results will have a positive impact on solar installations nationwide.”

Alan Fields
Design & Engineering AHJ & Utility Specialist
Solar Spectrum

Alan Fields serves as an AHJ, utility, and code compliance specialist for Solar Spectrum's design and engineering department. This involves keeping the company and its many installation partners up to date on codes and standards development and reaching out to building departments across the country to resolve issues and build relationships.

"By promoting more collaboration and stronger relationships between the variety of stakeholders to reduce the impact of new challenges, SEAC's goals and mission statement align perfectly."

Jim Cahill
Regional Vice President

As the Regional Vice President of SolarCity’s Southern California & Hawaii regions, Jim leads operations. He manages a workforce of 800 people who install PV systems in residential and commercial sites.  Over the past 8 years his region has installed more than 400 Megawatts of solar.

"As a member of SEAC, SolarCity has been able to strengthen its relationships with AHJs, manufacturers, listing agencies and other installers in the industry.  We have benefited directly from these relationships many times over."

Tiffany Maycumber
Service Standards Team Lead 
San Diego Gas & Electric

Tiffany's role at San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is to ensure that new and existing gas & electric installations are safe for our employees and the public alike.  

"The Sustainable Energy Action Committee (SEAC) has played an important part in bridging the gaps between the Governmental Authorities Having Jurisdiction, Utilities, Solar Contractors, Manufactures, Installers, and others. The synergy between the different entities has enabled the different members of SEAC to better understand the requirements within each organization so that we can break down the barriers and work together towards a common goal of serving the electrical industry in an efficient and safe manner."

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